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/ Q & A / 16 NOV/DEC 2017 What does your line of apparel include? We sell every category of men's apparel besides suits and ties. Our biggest-selling cat- egories are polos, wovens, shorts, and outer- wear. What's the company culture like? Our culture is the core of our business. We have a simple process culture of plan, commu- nicate, execute, track and adjust for improve- ment. We also believe that our co-workers need to be honest, humble, competitive, agile, and relentless in the pursuit of victory. What is your company motto? Think bigger than what you believe is pos- sible. What do you attribute to the company's success? Great co-workers, exceptional product, and loyal customers. How will the recent acquisition of travis- Mathew by Callaway impact the company? We are very excited about the acquisition as it will allow us to grow the brand interna- tionally, expand our sales professionals across all regions throughout the United States, and improve on all aspects of our operations. How will the acquisition impact your role? I will remain the CEO and it will allow me to focus more on the strategic objectives with a focus on the sales and marketing depart- ments. What are you most excited about as it relates to the acquisition? Being able to expose the travisMathew brand to more people and at a faster rate. What does the acquisition mean for the everyday consumer? They shouldn't see any significant changes except more travisMathew retail locations and a greater selection of travisMathew product across all sales channels. What makes the brand so popular among PGA Tour players? I believe it is that we focus on creating per- sonal relationships and friendships with our players. We need to constantly be striving to provide them with the best feeling and fitting product that will allow them to play their best. What are some of the new travisMathew products that you're most excited about? We are very excited about our new acces- sory brand Cuater, which features belts, shoes, underwear, socks, and hats. We are also very excited about a lot of our business casual prod- ucts. What is something you would like golfers to know about travisMathew that they other- wise wouldn't be aware of? I would like them to know that everyone at travisMathew works very hard to ensure that our customers have a great experience and pur- chase product they can be proud to wear. Employee wellness is part of the travisMathew culture.

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