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CURE YOUR SLICE WITH A BOWED LEFT WRIST By John Burckle M ost amateur golfers always seem to hit the ball right or have a left to right ball flight (for the right-handed player). This is caused by an open club face. The key is to learn what is an open, square, or a closed club face. We call this club face rec- ognition. If you've been watching golf on TV lately, then you prob- ably noticed or heard commen- tators talk about a "bowed left wrist" or "shut club face" that some of the top young players in the world, such as Dustin Johnson, Zach Johnson or Jon Rahm, utilize. They all have a bowed wrist or closed club faces in their swings. If you can learn some of these posi- tions and feels, you will learn to cure that slice. In this photo of Dustin Johnson (Image 1), notice how his left wrist is bowed at the top of his backswing. This bowed wrist position closes his club face. Most amateurs are in the opposite position at this point. Because of his bowed wrist, or closed club face, Dustin won't have to do much with his hands to square the club at impact. If your club face happens to be open at the top of your backswing, you'll have to make a big effort to rotate the club face square at impact in a very short time which most amateurs seem to struggle doing. I N S T R U C T I O N 44 JAN/FEB 2018 1

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